11 Free Master’s In Business In Europe

So business finance means investing borrowing and spending of money with proper manner so for the operation of a business. Tutors who know about business – The tutors on this programme will have had experience as practicing managers, have worked with business in an advisory capacity or will be researching business and management in order that what you learn is current, leading edge thinking which has real relevance to the world of business.

The programme provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of international business. Students are supported in acquiring all the necessary skills required to succeed in an international environment. Special attention is given to the variety of approaches that firms choose to adapt their international operations to the diversity of laws, business practices, and cultures across the globe.

Once the department has offered you a place in their program, you will be assigned a tutor (a lecturer at Uc3m with ties to your program), who will support you in your academic progress and serve as a link to the academic committee. Within six months of the start of the doctoral program you will be assigned a thesis advisor (or advisors), who may not be the same person as your tutor and may not be a member of the academic community at Uc3m. Both your tutor and thesis advisor will be well-established researchers with a long track of research experience. They will keep up to date with the progress of your thesis and training activity, and they will take part in the annual assestment of your academic progress.