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We are deeply saddened to report the death of Christopher Kobrak, Wilson/Currie Chair of Canadian Business & Financial History and long-time BHC member; he died this week in Paris. He was on the board of the European Business History Association, and served as a trustee of the Business History Conference, 2007-10. He worked on the BHC Finance Committee, 2010-2013 and was serving on the BHC’s Hagley Prize Committee at the time of his death. He was also vice-chairman of the Canadian Business History Society and active in promoting its growth. Interesting post. I am at the other end of this job discussion, as our group (an Analytics group within a Fortune 50 company) has hired a couple of Economics Ph.D’s recently, and we’re looking soon to hire 1 or 2 more. We hire Economists mainly for forecasting sales, etc, so time series analysis is important, but being able to do and learn other things is certainly essential (handling Big Data for example). The job market certainly seems tight from our end, as the number of applications we received for each position has been surprisingly low (maybe we’re not posting in the right places?).

The maintenance of cost accounts and financial accounts in a single set of books is known as integral accounting. In other words, it’s the merger of financial and cost accounting by using a single set of books of accounts. This serves the purpose of both financial account and cost account. A cost ledger and three subsidiary ledgers … Read More

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This question often plagues small business owners. Funding is not hard to come by these days but there are always strings attached, especially to unsecured sources of funds. This type of funding is available with no need to furnish guarantee or collateral and may tempt businessmen who are faced with cash crunches every now and then. The largest banks will try to prove quickly they are in compliance. In the back corridors, some will fret that while it makes big banks stronger and much better able to endure stress or extreme scenarios, it is yet another threat to banks’ dwindling returns on equity (ROE).… Read More

If You Get A PhD, Get An Economics PhD

The term equity finance refers to share capital that is invested into a business for the medium to long term in return for a share of the ownership and in many cases an element of control over the running of the business. There are two main forms of equity finance available to businesses. These are business angels and venture capitalists. Equity finance is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of gaining start up finance for businesses. As a lover you are sensual and passionate. You know what your partner wants and you’re more than happy to deliver. But, if you ever feel like you have been mistreated then you can react with devastating strength, and you can use personal criticisms vindictively.

In comprehensive – and, at times, excruciatingly boring – IRS fashion, the federal government offers 38 lesson to students. They explain why we pay taxes and how we pay taxes. What I have found to be the most helpful and useful feature are the simulations that provide instructions for what to do in 20 different taxpayer scenarios.

Do not make the assumption that everyone who suffers through home foreclosure made a bad loan or was living outside his or her means. Means can change at the drop of a hat. If a person is making eighty thousand dollars a year, buying a modest house is not living beyond his or her means. All it takes is the loss of a job, the death of a spouse, a … Read More

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An MBA in finance may be the best degree to get for someone interested in investing, banking, real estate, or becoming a personal financial planner. The broad combination of receiving an MBA, with the added value of emphasizing in finance, can provide an added boost to someone interested in a career in the world of finance. Well, I’ll say this. I wish I had completed a PhD in economics when I was in my early 20’s, as, frankly, it would have probably been a far more productive use of my time than what I actually did during those years. Since I don’t have an economics PhD (and never will), I can’t be accused of rationalizing my own life choices.

TLAC is supposed to ensure banks have ample amounts of long-term and stable funding sources, especially vital when the biggest of banks now sport balance sheets flirting with $2 trillion levels. Bank CFO’s wince, because the requirement will increase the cost of funding, on average. Cheaper, but less-stable, less-reliable short-term debt must be replaced by more expensive, but more stable long-term debt.… Read More

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So business finance means investing borrowing and spending of money with proper manner so for the operation of a business. The Extra process enables applicants who have not been offered a place, or have declined all offers received, can use EXTRA to apply for other courses that still have vacancies before Clearing starts. The Extra process normally operates from late February until the end of June and Applicants should use the Course Search facility at UCAS to find which courses have vacancies.

As for opportunity cost, even the majority of jobs that a Master’s student could get, the starting salary is 80-90ish. The starting salary for a PhD is 100+. Since you’re paid to go to school anyway, it doesn’t take too long to make it worth your while from a financial perspective alone.

It seems there are two schools of thought on the math needed for an Econ Ph.D. program: (1) Basic calculus and statistics, or (2) theoretical courses on par with a math major (e.g. Real Analysis, Metric Spaces, Topology, etc.). Can this be attributed to area of specialization, or the rigor of the program? For example, the prerequisites to understand, say, labor economics would likely be very different from game theory or econometrics.… Read More

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One of the primary considerations when going into business is money. Without sufficient funds a company cannot begin operations. The money needed to start and continue operating a business is known as capital. As new business needs capital not only for ongoing expenses but also for purchasing necessary assets. These assets – Inventories, equipments, buildings and other property represent an investment of capital in new business. ROE’s will touch and occasionally exceed 10%. Risks will be measured and managed. It will get the first call from corporate clients when they set out to do the biggest deals. It will attract its share of the best talent from top business schools. Partners will be selected and be compensated at jaw-dropping levels.

On this course you will usually be taught by a range of staff with relevant expertise and knowledge appropriate to the content of the unit. This will include senior academic staff, qualified professional practitioners and research students. You will also benefit from regular guest lectures from industry.

So, in the end, being a CPA does sound pretty great. I know I’ve enjoyed it for over 20 years. I’ve made an unbelievable amount of friends, colleagues and contacts, and I’ve been able to accomplish many of my loftiest goals. Obviously, I highly encourage any one of my readers to pursue this highly rewarding career path.… Read More

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STOP! Before you take the first step in financing your business be sure that it is the business or property you definitely want to buy! This module seeks to examine the fundamental legal principles underpinning consumer and commercial law. The module explores the nature of sale of goods contracts from price through to payment, delivery and ownership. The module also provides students with an appreciation of the role of agency in commercial law, as well as addressing the issues of international sales contracts.

Dr. Law Chin Han, born in 1946, graduated from the National Defence Medical Centre, Taiwan with the degree specialising in Acupuncture in 1972. His office is located in Selayang. Its a very neat 4 storey corner shoplot and he occupies the whole thing. Ground floor is reception, there is a lift, 1st Floor is for Acupuncture, with 8 beds and 3 nurses. 2nd floor is for dentistry. He has his own farm where he grows organic fruits, you can sample his farm produce at the clinic, they are free for all, the durian ice cream is very good, sometimes you get rambutans as well and many other fruits.… Read More

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Skipper Sam Warburton said Saturday’s second test prevail upon the All Blacks was a long way from mission achieved for the English and Irish Lions yet cautioned his players they would need to raise their amusement again to complete the occupation one week from now. My CPA review course is fast paced, exciting, and focused on getting you ready to pass this notoriously difficult test. My lectures and materials concentrate on delivering just what you need to know to pass, so you don’t have to study useless or outdated information. I write my own CPA review textbooks to compliment my world renowned classes, so you know you’re getting the information from somebody who knows the subject matter. I also update my materials twice per year, which allows you to always have the most current and heavily tested information. Instead of having a random instructor reading from an old textbook or showing you a pre-recorded lecture, you’ll get energetic and funny classes that will keep you awake and motivated! And you can choose between three course types: Live , Online , and USB Drive I teach all of our classes, so you’ll always have consistent quality of instruction. Finally, I offer my course at prices that beat my competitors hands down.… Read More