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Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450

The life cycle of a business consists of four phases”. Each phase has its own special features and challenges. All successful businesses will go through these phases more than once. The company has no long-term debt. That helps when it is not generating positive cash flow: No worries about generating steady, predictable streams of cash from operations to meet interest payments. It also has little need to borrow in substantial amounts to fund huge investments in plant and property. As a new public company, nonetheless, once a quarter it will need to explain performance thoroughly and present optimistic projections for how profits will come about eventually.… Read More

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Estimating capital requirements : The company must estimate its capital requirements (needs) very carefully. This must be done at the promotion stage. The company must estimate its fixed capital needs and working capital need. If not, the company will become over-capitalized or under-capitalized. Order management is an important part of SAP Finance and Sales integration. This process also known as SAP OM in short. It is an administrative process. It automates order processing and seamless integration of data among different modules. OM includes customer master database, customer returns and refunds, billing information, shipping information, payment terms, payment conditions and other information related to OTC process.

The numbers, however, show Goldman-despite restraints from regulators-is still a trading powerhouse. Trading has been slowed down, even hand-cuffed. Yet Goldman continues to push in that direction, seizing roles and market share where other banks have stepped back. Trading activity (from trading and commissions revenues) contributes about half of all net revenues at the bank. Investment-banking fees, by comparison, comprise less than a quarter.

Most subject areas do not require applicants to attend an interview as part of the selection procedure. However, if the standard procedure is to interview candidates, this is specified in the degree programme entrance requirements. Some courses, such as Health, Social Work and Teacher Training, require specific checks or requirements to be put in place during the normal selection process. These are detailed on the individual course details pages.… Read More

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The Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship is planning a special issue on Venture Capital & Private Equity research and resources – Proposals due by April 17, 2017; Submissions due June 15th, 2017. Building Wealth – These 13 lessons encompass budgeting to save, the power of interest, stocks, bonds, risk and return, entrepreneurship, controlling debt and building good credit. Materials available include an interactive online version, downloadable version, and print copies. There is also a version in Spanish. Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Certain businesses need services of specialized personnel. Such personnel have a rich experience in specialized fields and they can provide useful guidance to make business profitable. Finance is always needed so that services of such professionals consultants can be hired.… Read More


These 10 games and interactive lessons will help your kids and teens learn about money and improve critical skills in financial literacy, a topic most school do not emphasize in the classroom. Managing money – making, saving, investing, spending wisely, and donating it – is a skill you can teach your kids at an early age and encourage through their teen years.. These free websites offer games and role playing lessons to make learning money management easier and fun. The difficult thing about this is that every person must work to survive, but it’s usually impossible to have all of the information about a business before applying to work at it. Businesses just don’t give out information such as whether or not they are in financial difficulty or if they plan to sell the business. So it’s a crap shoot for most applicants.

A similar phenomenon is true of our spiritual lives. Without regular prayer, study and devotion our spirits will either wither and die or turn into a weed. As a weed, we might grow, but we’ll grow fast and furious. As the Bible says, we’ll become puffed up with our knowledge (or lack of it) and be obnoxious Christians. Just like those weeds in our yard that are much bigger and tougher than the grass, we’ll think we’re better than our well fed friends (especially when they’re going through a dry spell). Unfortunately, the Bible says if we allow ourselves to be weeds, we’ll only be good for … Read More

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Define Finance: L.J. Gitman says, Finance is concerned with the process, institutions, markets and instruments involved in the transfer of money among individuals, business and governments”.// So we can say that, Finance is the combination of different activities like raising of funds, investments of funds and management of funds to accomplish the objectives of an individuals or of a firm. You can often act first and think later, being impulsive and lacking discipline and order, which means you can end up regretting things. Drug or alcohol abuse, or an overindulgence in food or sex can sometimes happen to those with 5 Life Path if your need for adventure and freedom isn’t properly controlled.

Equity finance is the perfect example of true risk capital. This is because there is no guarantee that your investor will ever get there money back. Unlike lenders equity finance investors don’t normally have the rights to interest or to be repaid at a particular date. The way in which equity investors regain the money that they have invested into a company is through taking a share of the business and a percentage of the profit. It is because of this high risk involved in equity finance that if your business can not support growth rates of at least 20% you may not be able to attract equity funding. Equity investors are more likely to invest in someone they feel they can trust with a clear business plan and strategy.

This module aims to provide students with … Read More

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Indian School of Business and Finance has announced admissions for the year 2017 for a number of undergraduate courses specializing in Economics, Management & Finance. Despite the importance of the derivatives market, few outsiders have a comprehensive perspective on its size, structure, role and segments and on how it works. The derivatives market has recently attracted more attention against the backdrop of the financial crisis, fraud cases and the near failure of some market participants.

Your credit is not limited to financial aspects. You have to build your credibility among your clients, especially customers. Your business will grow with satisfied customers. Provide your customers with quality products and services. Maintain timeliness. Timely supply is a keyword to modern business.… Read More

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Full-year results from business park operator Sirius Real Estate are expected to be in-line with market expectations, thanks to an increase in rental income. I had not known how to submit a proper query letter to an editor. There was an accepted format that I was unware of. But I took action anyway. In a subsequent phone call, Jack Bierman generously taught me how to do it better next time. Now I was in the game and I was learning from my experience. Ready, fire, aim!… Read More