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Finance is the basic determinant of most business decisions. It lies at the base of every decision making process. Further, if you’re a besotted humanist, but early enough in your career (say, college freshman or earlier) and/or willing to accumulate one or more MA degrees in the course of learning the skills to do research in technical humanities fields, your chances of finding not just a T/T job, but a good one – well-paid, with a reasonable teaching load, and in a location a sane person would want to spend their working life in – are much, MUCH higher than the aggregate would suggest.

The only thing that these companies end up doing is sending your application to a lot of companies and all you end up receiving nothing but spam emails. They might also introduce you to companies beneath yours or companies you would never like to work with.… Read More

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Financial Planning is not equivalent to or substitute for Financial Management”Do you agree? Explain. Confidence is the key that will unlock your potential. To achieve your great potential and abilities you also need to have great confidence. Your confidence can be dashed if you start to get confused or lose your sense of direction. If you lose your confidence this can lead to frustration, which can then lead to depression. Your desire to accomplish a great ambition is huge, but you need the confidence in order to reach your goal.… Read More

Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450

The mission of the Office of Business and Finance is to serve the students, faculty, and staff of the university relating to financial and business activities. In supporting the university’s academic objectives of teaching, research, and service, we seek to promote sound financial administration using strong internal controls through effective and efficient management. In addition to her entrepreneurial activities, Ramona is also involved in a number of charities. She is particularly passionate about supporting victims of domestic abuse and is involved with the Africa Foundation/And Beyond, which helps build schools for children in Africa.

Basel III regulation outlines capital requirements for banks of all sizes to absorb credit, market and operational risks. Basel III also set standards for liquidity and leverage. But the BIS and Basel III permit member countries to adapt rules to their respective systems and tighten them up, if they choose to do so.… Read More

ABM (Accountancy Business Management)

Every firm must carry out a ‘SWOT ‘analysis that is, evaluate its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. After carrying out a ‘SWOT ‘analysis, a firm can now set the goals that it aims to achieve. The goals that a firm aims at achieving depend on its abilities analyzed through a well researched ‘SWOT’ analysis. Once a firm discovers what it is capable of then it can start implementing its objectives. I love that Sonja is completely comfortable in her own skin. I love that she was married to the great-grandson of J.P. Morgan (that is just good American history). But what I love most is that at the height of her troubles – marital and financial – she is still a strong woman.

The Business floors house an extensive number of IT facilities, breakout areas, and specialised rooms. The Marketing Link Agency is designed to replicate a modern marketing firm, allowing students to get real-life experience of working in the marketing sector. There is also the City Trading Room, which features state of the art stock market tracking equipment, keeping you up to date with all the financial comings and goings of the London Stock Exchange and Wall Street.… Read More


Job costing: Under this method, costs are ascertained for each work order separately as each job has its own specifications and scope. Job costing is used, for example, in painting, car repair, decoration, and building repair. The aim of this module is to examine the discipline of managerial leadership, both from an individual and an organisational perspective. The module will examine the theoretical aspects of leadership as well as presenting a perspective on current leadership issues and a focus on inspirational leaders in business. Students will also gain a thorough appreciation of the importance of leadership in achieving the success of organisational objectives.… Read More

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When it comes to gaining funding for your business there are a number of different places and avenues that you can approach but the one that you actually choose to use will be based on your business needs. Some examples of the places that you can turn to in the hope of gaining the business finance that you need are bank loans, family/friends, credit cards, overdrafts and investors. These are only a handful of the finance options that are open to both start-up businesses and established businesses; however in some cases many businesses often choose to use a combination of many different sources of finance in order to cover all of the expenses. My name is Oluwaseun, God recently blessed me so much above my expectation, to some people it’s a little money but to me in the position back then, it was something big, I wasn’t faithful with my tithes, it wasn’t a 100%, I regret this actions and seriously praying for God to lay another precious, golden seed to my hands and let me sow big to him this time, I am in the verge of a miracle and lifetime testimony, a big chance! God please help me, join me in prayers please, thanks so much God people.

Is negotiating a waste of time? Does the success depend on the parties involved? What are the benefits? Those are all excellent questions. The poll below is limited to a straightforward opinion about whether individuals and business owners should devote … Read More

Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450

At London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) in Singapore, we measure success by the impact our students, faculty, and alumni have in the region. In my opinion, this is a heavy module. I suggest you to take this module only if you have time to study it. Although it is just basically maths and common sense, however, the terms and formulae we are expected to memories are too much for me. The workload was relatively high as all tutorials must be completed before lesson as my tutor (sui sui kena the female one who is stricter than the guy lecturer – Daniel Ong) would check our answer sheets before lessons started.

james0711, as long as you have a total of 182 consecutive days linked to days from the year immediately preceding or following that tax year, you will still be considered a resident, provided you do not leave the country for more than 14days in the calendar year (see exceptions, as listed in the article).… Read More

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Experiential learning. Value. Caring community. At UNK we want to help you make a difference, in a learning environment that’s different. Before deciding which method is best for a company, business owners should consider a variety of factors. The cost of the business finance source usually is the most important factor considered. Owners look at the interest rates and payment plans to determine the profitability of obtaining a certain funding source. Businesses that have a history financial stability may want to consider an internal source of revenue before opting for an external source. It’s also important to determine how long the business will need additional funding. A short-term loan would be best for projects that would only take a short time to complete.

SGX in March 2011 scrapped the break, which lasted from 12.30pm to 2pm every day, say- ing it could help add as much as 10% to volumes. The pro- posed midday halt is now seen to have minimal impact with only 5.1% of trading done dur- ing the hour, SGX said.

Wouldn’t the company have been better off remaining private? (Is this the question for the moment its leaders and bankers have pondered?) Going public permitted it to raise cash and reward founders and employees. Going public also might have forced the company instill financial discipline and deliver a plan toward profitability to the public.… Read More

Agency Relationship And Conflicts Between Business Managers And Shareholders

Eurotranslate is full service translation agency specialized in Serbian language. Loyal to our shared roots, along with Serbian, we also specialize in all other Slavic and Eastern European languages. Amazon’s finance team won’t have an eye on cash reserves on Whole Foods’ balance sheet (It keeps cash at low levels), but will like that Whole Foods doesn’t bring hefty amounts of debt to Amazon. That permits Amazon to rationalize incremental debt to acquire Whole Foods.

You need a VAT/ Service tax registration to buy or sell your goods in India. Vat is for selling goods and Service tax is for providing services. You can sell your services legally without service tax registration if your annual earning is less than Rs. 1 million. You have to register with the department and pay tax regularly as soon as your business cross that limit. You can have a VAT/ Service tax registration for a state (province) and / or for Indian territory. You need to provide a bond of the small amount of security deposit.

Suliat Tolulope Idowu popularly known as Tolu is an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Affiliate, a status she acquired in 2012 after successfully completing the examination of the professional body. She also obtained an MBA with Distinction from the University of Leicester as well as a Bsc (Hons) degree (Second Class Upper) in Actuarial Science from the University of Lagos. She is the first child of Mr & Mrs Idowu. She has 3 lovely siblings. Tolu likes … Read More

Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies 0450

Experiential learning. Value. Caring community. At UNK we want to help you make a difference, in a learning environment that’s different. This programme reflects our idea to provide our most valued assets – our students – with a truly international approach in a unique programme and to prepare them for a successful professional career in business or for their subsequent Master of Arts in International Business and Economics is a two-year research-based quality programme with a strong international focus.… Read More