ABM (Accountancy Business Management)

VERIFIED BY THE MADRI+D FOUNDATION AND IMPLEMENTED FOR THE 2016/2017 ACADEMIC YEAR. Put together a well thought out and credible business model for your company. The business model should include detailed financial descriptions which include every aspect of your business. Make sure it includes costs for sourcing or manufacturing the product, projected sales, and any marketing expenses to go along with general and administrative overhead.

To be honest, I really did not know much about investing before I found myself in the pool. I had no clue about the stock market other than as the playground of the wealthy and a graveyard for amateurs. My family was equally clueless and added risk aversion to ignorance. Like many, they thought that playing the market was gambling and they were not happy at my interest in what they saw as a mix of horse racing, lottery tickets and Russian roulette. Swimming with the sharks is how they put it. Still, I just had to know and in I dove, totally wet but not in the deep end.

Amazon, arguably the best example of where 21st-century big business is headed, never fails to catch markets and industries off guard. As part of CEO Jeffrey Bezos-inspired corporate strategy of taking dare-devil leaps in many different directions in many products, the company surprised, but didn’t surprise when it announced its June, 2017, $13 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, the popular food chain saddled with more than a few frustrated shareholders.