Agency Relationship And Conflicts Between Business Managers And Shareholders

Capital is considered as a pre requisite for all your business ventures. Whether you want to purchase plant and machinery, takeover an organization, the registration process, buy buildings and offices, raise money to pay off debts, updating technology, recruiting more people, expand your business or other business expenses, a secured business loan extends you a golden opportunity to fulfill all your needs. Starbucks incurred losses for three straight years-more than $ 1 million in 1989 alone- but Schultz never gave up. He had a firm conviction that this was the way to build a company and that the losses would soon turn into profits. Once his Seattle stores were profitable, Starbucks spread slowly into cities- Vancouver, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago-and later to the Eastern cities and overseas. Starbucks has become a household name all over the world and an example of American marketing ingenuity. And it has made Howard Schultz one of the world’s richest people.