Agency Relationship And Conflicts Between Business Managers And Shareholders

The private finance can be further divided into personal finance and business finance. the personal finance is concerned with the acquisition and the proper utilization of economic resource by the individuals and households for meeting their different needs The business finance is also a part of private finance. the business finance is concerned with the acquisition, management and utilization of fund by the private business organizations. the business organizations may also be in the form of public enterprises. but the public enterprises fall under the category of public finance. having fun! Life is too short to not have fun! Find hobbies that you like doing. But also at work. Remember: Work should be enjoyable, not something you have to do!!! as Anthony Annuziado said in our class: find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in yout life!

Each Ph.D. program focuses on a research area, within which the doctoral research projects must be framed. Therefore, when choosing a doctoral program you should carefully consider whether the research area suits your interests, who are the experts involved in the program, as well as the research quality of the doctoral program under consideration. You may want to take a look at recently approved therese and publications by staff and Ph.D. researchers to give you a better idea of the research topics and the quality of the program.