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Capital is considered as a pre requisite for all your business ventures. Whether you want to purchase plant and machinery, takeover an organization, the registration process, buy buildings and offices, raise money to pay off debts, updating technology, recruiting more people, expand your business or other business expenses, a secured business loan extends you a golden opportunity to fulfill all your needs. It is believed that each number has it’s own personality, it’s own vibration and inner nature. This can be seen when people have favourite numbers, or are sub-consciously drawn to a certain number. Further more it’s believed that our birthdays and names (even though our names are obviously letters, each letter of the alphabet coincides with a certain number, which makes our name also significant), and all the other numbers you encounter throughout your life are not an accident, and they speak a language, like words, to tell us about ourselves and what the future may have in store.

The study of all the monetary operations of a business is generally termed business finance. Every business requires financing to carry out its activities. The business needs funds for acquiring assets, purchasing raw materials or merchandise, paying the workers, the suppliers and for meeting various other obligations. This requires planning, raising, controlling and administering of funds. All these activities can be termed start up business finance.

Operating costing or service costing: Operating or service costing is used to ascertain the cost of particular service-oriented units, such as nursing homes, busses, or railways. Each particular service is treated as a separate unit in operating costing. In the case of a nursing home, a unit is treated as the cost of a bed per day, while, for busses, operating cost for a kilometer is treated as a unit.