BU8201 Business Finance

An agency relationship arises whenever a person or a group of persons hire another person or a group of persons to perform some service on behalf of the former. The Principal, on whose behalf the Agent performs the particular service, delegates the decision making authority to the agent. Education about programs to help victims of abuse is often not available, as abused children and spouses are often isolated from such information by their abusers. Then, when victims attempt to leave abusers, they may become homeless. Also, many victims in abuse situations have no supportive family structure, or distant family support structures, and, by its nature, domestic abuse damages family support structures, often beyond repair. Relatives are also often reluctant to take sides, or they stay in denial of the abuse, so such victims often find no open doors. Sheltering victims of abuse might constitute taking sides or even put the person sheltering the abused person at risk of violence from the abuser. When the victims suffer deep trauma (as some abuse and molestation victims do) they may become unable to even understand the choices they have, especially when the victims are children or teens.

Inquiry : A customer inquire about the product price and service. This is a very starting point of OTC process. This process does not have any effect on general ledger accounts and do not have any accounting entries. Once a customer creates inquiry, an inquiry number is generated. Inquiry is created by transaction code VA11.