BU8201 Business Finance

Numerology is an ancient system of numbers that has been used for over five thousand years, and is used to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our universe. The Chinese, Japanese, Hebrews, Greek, Phoenicians, Egyptians, early Christians, Mayans, and Incas all used numbers as a way of gaining knowledge of themselves and the world we live in. Numerology is used to describe the different life cycles we encounter on our journey, as well as give us some guidance with relationships, career, and opportunities and challenges that will arise. Everything in this world is considered to be vibrating energy, and the same rule applies to numbers. He or she will be an expert in the field, not necessarily attached to Uc3m and will be responsible for ensuring the candidate’s progress of his doctoral research. The advisor is appointed within the first six months of the program. There may be more than one advisor. A thesis advisor attached to Uc3m may also take the role of tutor.

My son is currently in a Molecular Biology PhD program at Berkeley. His experience is roughly similar to mine. He will undoubtedly do a PostDoc, since that’s a box that needs to be checked in his field, but that is more about broadening skill sets than anything else.

This module aims to examine and reflect on the ethical behaviour of organisations and employees. To apply ethical theories to real and current organisational cases and activities and reflect on what responsibilities organisations have to society. It discusses guidelines, laws and external pressures and the impact these have on the ethical behaviour of organisations. The behaviour of employees and the individual choices that may when faced ethical dilemmas is also analysed. Content includes: ethical theorists, child labour, bribery, price fixing, working conditions, corporate social responsibility and whistleblowing.