BU8201 Business Finance

When we meet the financing needs by borrowing it is called debt financing. It is obtained if we owned capital of a firm is not sufficient to meet the business needs. Sometimes loan is obtained to save the business from dissolution and sometimes to meet the urgent expenses. Loan is obtained from creditors for short term for long term and for medium term. I have been praying non-stop for God to help us with our crushing credit card debts totaling a little under $18,000. I do have a work from home job and am so grateful for it. But I am reaching out to you for help. If there are any programs available, or simply someone having a benevolent heart to help us start over! We just need to get back on our feet.

Econ is not as intellectually deep as some fields, like physics, math, or literature. But it’s deep enough to keep you intellectually engaged. Econ allows you to think about human interactions, and social phenomena, in a number of different intellectually rigorous ways (e.g. game theory, incentives, decision theory, quantification of norms and values, bounded rationality, etc.). That’s cool stuff.