Business And Finance Fundamentals Program

Business and Finance is responsible for managing the overall accounting, treasury, financial reporting, and financial services of West Virginia State University. This includes managing internal controls to mitigate risks; creating and presenting financial reports to internal and external parties; ensuring the accounting records of the University are up-to-date and accurate; and safeguarding the assets of the University to minimize the risk of financial loss. Our role is to provide ethical, efficient, and effective services to our students, faculty, and staff. Business and Finance supports the University’s core functions of instruction, research and community services through stewardship of financial, human resources, and administrative services. Indiana has the capacity of issuing VCP amounting to $501 million. VCP is generally known as private activity bonds that are awarded to the business owners depending on how many jobs they create within a stipulated time and their capacity to retain employees. Their eligibility is also measured on parameters such as their ability to invest capital in a project, location of the project, and their dedication towards it.

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Nevertheless, the theory provides useful knowledge into many matters in SMEs financial management and shows considerable avenues as to how SMEs financial management should be practiced and perceived. It also enables academic and practitioners to pursue strategies that could help sustain the growth of SMEs.