Business And Finance Fundamentals Program

Talented people are the key to our success. So if you’re an ambitious, top-class graduate, we’ll give you the training and attention to realise your potential. Our Graduate Development Programme runs parallel with your placement on the Business Management or Finance Programme. It offers everything from an introduction to our organisation, culture and processes to formal training in the form of seminars, specialist courses and visits. Those with a Life Path 11 often have more potential than what they realise. Because of the energy and intuition you possess, you are often misunderstood from an early age, and this can make you timid and withdrawn. You could though be a great source of inspiration to people, as you have the ability to do this without much conscious thought or effort. The energy that uncontrollably flows through you can give you both power, and sometimes emotional turmoil.

How do you make people enthusiastic enough to promote your product for free to everyone they know? Many businesses have had huge success with this method, and haven’t spent a dime on advertising, while other big advertising campaigns fail. So what’s their secret? Seth Godin goes over this concept in his well reviewed book here, How Smart Companies Get People Talking.