Business And Finance Fundamentals Program

An exciting degree programme that combines a wide-ranging, academic and professional education for today’s world of business, with a specific focus on the complexities of finance and accounting. She was teaching 3 sections of freshman comp (our group was around 30 students) and finishing her dissertation that year. I just googled now to see if that was a weird, abusive situation and I see the top results come back with English departments promising prospective English grad students they’ll get to teach 2 sections, maybe even from their first year if they’re lucky!

Wealth maximization means to earn maximum wealth for the shareholders. So, the finance manager tries to give a maximum dividend to the shareholders. He also tries to increase the market value of the shares. The market value of the shares is directly related to the performance of the company. Better the performance, higher is the market value of shares and vice-versa. So, the finance manager must try to maximise shareholder’s value.