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In historic times, the introduction of currency as a standardized money, facilitated a wider exchange of goods and services. Numismatists have collections of these pokem tokens, which include coins from some Ancient World large-scale societies, although initial usage involved unmarked lumps of precious metal. How is the loss explained? That it lost money is not news. Snap, the quarterly reports show, loses about $100-200 million every three months. This loss was ten times more than usual. The company explained most of the expenses in the recent quarter are one-time charges and promises the losses will settle back to usual levels. But will investors feel comfortable enough with such assertions to jump back into the stock? Some hedge funds, reports say, have short positions in the stock.

I’m Thai engineer and occasionally will go to Malaysia for installation/technical services of large scaled display systems like in control rooms, etc, normally it will takes less than 1 month time and my fees charge will paid by Malaysia company. Can you advice how many percent will be tax deducted.