Business Finance Assignment

This course provides you with the knowledge and understanding of business and financial theories and applies them strategically to organisations operating within a highly digitised and changing global environment. Through the use of a wide range of concepts, approaches, research techniques and e-learning forums, the course will equip you with a range of personal and intellectual skills in preparation for a career in financial, banking and general management fields. So, in case financial organizations are interested in a business analyst to join their ranks, they will prefer that the business analyst will come to them with minimum of few years in a similar industry and preferably from a business analyst background. If so then, the business analyst can bring with him the perfect mix of technical know-how and domain knowledge specific to that industry.

Approval for the defense of the thesis by the Program is conditional upon the thesis seminar. The seminar will be evaluated by a panel of three members of the relevant department that wil be appointed by the Director of the corresponding department, after consulting with the Program Academic Committee and the thesis supervisor. The panel issues a binding report and approval is necessary for the thesis defense. To allow the student to incorporate the recommendations made in the report, a minimum period of 1 month must be allowed between the Thesis Seminar and the Thesis deposit prior to its defense.