Business Finance Assignment

To which I respond: There are PhDs, and there are PhDs, and then there are econ PhDs. When a business organization fails through liquidity problems, overtrading can be the result. One possible solution to the problem of overtrading is to reduce the level of revenue. The business can increase selling prices thus increasing the profit which may reduce the demand.

I started work on 7th Sept 2016 in Kuala Lumpur and haven’t taken any vacation yet, also staying here on 31 dec and 1 jan. Now I plan to resign and leave Malaysia by breaking my contract. For tax purpose, to be considered as a resident for my entire stay in Malaysia, do I need to stay here till 8th March 2017 (182 days from 7th Sept 2016) or till 1st July 2017 (182 days from 1st Jan 2017)? A quick reply from you would greatly help me plan my exit dates. Thank you in advance.