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Many, if not all, of these superb business, communications and finance books should be included in any academic setting that is committed to providing students with the most effective and practical training for succeeding in the business world. At the same time, the high standards for including any book on my list also requires that 100 percent of them can be immediately helpful to anyone already involved in any stage of running a company. Then the Internet happened, and pure math of the kind I was studying suddenly found an important application in the form of cryptography and network security. I currently do research in this field, in a math department. I have both tenure and full-time industry experience. I’d like to claim credit for having the foresight when I was 18 years old, but the truth is I just lucked out. While some truisms may always hold (the job market for history has never been strong in decades), the future is impossible to predict with complete accuracy. There is something to be said for following your passions. At least you are guaranteed some satisfaction with life for a little while.

Construction and services company Kier Group’s latest trading update is on track to meet market expectations. In March, the group said underlying operating profit rose to £56.5m in the six months to December 31, up from £54.4m in the previous year. It also reported an order book of around £9bn, up from £8.7bn in June, buoyed by demand in its regional building and highway services businesses. In March, the group’s chief executive Haydn Mursell told Reuters major UK infrastructure projects were being delayed by Brexit.

When the no par value regime is enacted, you will also energise the market enormously, which will have tremendous trickle down benefits. These companies below par value will be more active in scouring for good companies to buy to reinvent their business models (to help them get out of the slump). They could also do rights issues, and maybe even sweeten them with free warrants (which they could not do in a current regime).