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Ordinary Shares are shares issued to the owners of the company that is the share holders of the company. ordinary share holders bear the risk of failure and reap the profits of success of a company. They are paid divides when the company makes profit. On liquidation of the company, they are entitled to receive their shares of any liquidated assets of the company after all debts and prior charges of the company have been paid off. During the last 10 years, my husband’s health has been suffering. He has been a carpenter for 40 years – the last 19 at his current job. His work-related asthma is getting worse, but he is really trying to stay with the job so that he can retire. I will continue to work, as I am 48 and my health is fine.

Merger activity is driven by a confluence of factors: shake-out and consolidation in specific industries, cheap sources of financing, surplus cash sitting on companies’ balance sheets, economic outlook, regulators’ interpretation of antitrust laws, tax considerations, shareholders’ demands for better returns, and the aggressive efforts of investment banks. The years 2015-16 were ablaze, but the second best deal year was 2007, the eve of the financial crisis.