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The rise of technology has made it easy for professionals to take their work with them. We answer emails in the evenings, we log in on the weekends, we’re committed to productivity to the point of becoming workaholics. Risking burnout and enduring rising stress levels, we stockpile vacation days without ever using the bulk of them. Beepurple is the university’s entrepreneurship support network. They offer free support for any student or graduate with their business ideas, freelance plan or social enterprise project. Beepurple run events throughout the academic year, designed to equip you with skills that will improve your employability and help you grow a successful business.┬áBy taking part in beepurple activities, you will meet like-minded people, hear how other recent graduates have set up their own businesses and gain key enterprise skills that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Love this article. We are a successful family that met an under privileged boy at a restaurant near a park in a re-gentrified area (playing corn hole!). We have him over regularly, but this give me rea, and solid direction. I felt embarrassed to ask anyone in the family what was best because I thought that would seem demeaning. Thanks for this!