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Accounting is considered the necessary evil for most business owners. Understanding small business finance is a must for any entrepreneur especially one at the helm of a enterprise running full steam ahead. The module draws on the recent research from the area of behavioural finance, biology and psychology to present a foundation, upon which to build a more critical understanding of the rational economics foundations. The module covers alternative modus operandi for economic interactions, such as Prospect Theory and other models.

Some products are bought regularly while some products are purchased seasonally. If your products fall into the seasonal category, you should only purchase them to be resold during that season. At times buyers purchase products on behalf of another individual. In that situation, you have to capture the mind of both the buyer and the actual person that will use the product.

I’m indian passport holder and worked in MY for two years before. After i quit my job and came back to India. My Ex-Employer, he is a vendor (consultency) asked me to pay tax for not completing 182 days (even not sure) in that particular year. Apart from this, in monthly salary flat tax of 5 % has been deducted. So i didn’t i paid the tax amount what they send to me. I’m not sure whether they are trying to cheat me. This will create any problem in future, when i try to re-enter country ? Need your advice on this.