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Ordinary Shares are shares issued to the owners of the company that is the share holders of the company. ordinary share holders bear the risk of failure and reap the profits of success of a company. They are paid divides when the company makes profit. On liquidation of the company, they are entitled to receive their shares of any liquidated assets of the company after all debts and prior charges of the company have been paid off. There were much commentary and discussion about pharmaceutical firms contemplating acquisitions or grabbing smaller companies. But league-table statistics report the greatest dollar volume of transactions were done in oil-and-gas, chemicals, and power/utility industries.

Where UK/EU students are subject to regulated fees, the annual fee increase cannot exceed the UK government’s maximum regulated tuition fee limit set for the relevant year. For all other students, ie those not subject to regulated fees, tuition fees are subject to a maximum annual increase of the higher of 5% or RPI.

I secured a job in buyside finance before I’d even finished in London. I’ve never looked back since. I’ve now been employed by someone who has PhD in Econ from Oxbridge and went to Lse as an undergrad, it has never been an issue that I didn’t go to a top 5 Econ school in the UK. Oh and yes 10 years after PhD graduation, I make in the region of 150K to 200k GBP total comp. So you are correct, you do get paid well.