Define Business Finance Or Describe The Sources Of Short Term And Long Term Finance Or

The Business and Finance programme is a specialist joint degree with equal emphasis given to the subject areas of business and finance. The degree is particularly suited to students who wish to gain a firm grounding in business and management coupled with an insight into the finance and financial operations of businesses and organisations. Another serious lacuna in the traditional approach was that the focus was on the long-term financial problems thus ignoring the importance of the working capital management. Thus, this approach has failed to consider the routine managerial problems relating to finance of the firm.

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The Entrepreneurship pathway teaches students important career ready skills in the context of building a business plan. learn to establish, organize and manage a small business. Entrepreneurship classes help students to understand basic business and economic principles, management theories, marketing concepts, and the role of law in business. Class projects include creating business plans and developing mock businesses. At the end of the program, students have a chance to compete for seed capital through a series of business plan competitions, from their classroom, to Regionals, to NFTE’s national competition.