Executive And Routine Functions Of Financial Management

Some of you may have already discovered Eva Cassidy, and would certainly agree with my assessment that whatever she sang, it goes straight for your heartstrings. Many people love Over The Rainbow, its iconic even. There have been so many covers of the song that it would take something very special to be even noticed. Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business written by finance gurus Janet Portman Attorney and Fred S. Steingold Attorney. This great book provides complete insight on determining the real cost of renting and negotiation techniques to get the most out of your agreement.

Some achieve their goals while some do not achieve theirs. Everything happens according to the will of Allah. You have to work hard when He knows you deserve it, He blesses you with it. As such, never give up on your goal and keep praying to Allah (5 times daily).

Bank Loans: Securing bank loans is not an easy deal in a country like Nigeria. Especially as a young entrepreneur trying to start something all from the scratch. Meeting the requirement for securing a loan in Nigerian banks (which are not very friendly to young businesses and SMEs) is very difficult. Though the probability that the bank will turn you down is quite high, Bank loans still remains one the major sources of finance for young business.