Sometime ago i wrote a post on business ideas one can start in Nigeria with little capital But capital is required in starting up a business no matter how small. this article is aimed at investigating how young Nigerian entrepreneurs can raise money to finance their small and medium scale businesses. If a small business owner makes the conscious choice to employ negotiating whenever feasible, it might turn out to be the most prudent and strategic decision they will ever make. As noted above, I identified some primary candidates (for using negotiation strategies) that have the potential to produce critical and timely reductions in business operating expenses. With an economic environment that continues to provide only periodic glimpses of growth, small businesses cannot afford to overlook such opportunities to reduce costs.

Reducing costs in business is one efficient way of managing budgets or available funds. If everyone minimises costs in their own area of responsibility, it will altogether add up to huge savings for the business. One needs to know to make right choices when it comes to spending money on specific areas of the business.

I was non-residence in Malaysia for 2015. I paid non-residence tax before 30.4.16. However, I was late for form submission M-form (I was outstation at that period so impossibly visited LHDN. Their website was in Malaysian at that time so I wrongly keyed in company income statement rather than individual. Hence the website did not issue form for me).