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Project management is an extremely powerful discipline and skill-set that can make significant improvements to a business. It achieves this through creating new products and services, improving how businesses do things and reducing the possible impact of future changes. Bank financing and services take many shapes, but a common thread is the presence of a variety of fees. I do think that it is reasonable for banks to make a (reasonable) profit from their commercial activities. But more often than not, these are negotiable charges. Because many of the fees can be viewed as excessive as they are originally quoted, the bank is likely to be left with a reasonable profit after agreeing to negotiate to a reduced amount.

Both diversification and specialization have their places. On one hand specialization allows us to be very good at something. However, in a constantly changing world, too much specialization can be very risky. Moreover, too much of anything will lead to staleness (and often is bad for your health too). So have varied interests, be willing to learn new things, and never stop learning.