Finance & Mortgage Brokers

This concept involves the sale of commercial accounts receivable invoices to others at a discount. This buyer is also known as a factor. In such an arrangement, this buyer will usually assume to hold the complete responsibility. He will collect the payments and will be responsible for any credit losses on the accounts. The fact I’m offered to approach this opportunity, immediately shows me hope, a open door that i never thought I would have a chance. I ask of you to please help me do what’s Right. I pour out my life with anything I can achieve Of a positive aspect to our society we live around. I realized that my decisions creates a huge impact on more than what i figured. I may have not been the smartest individuals, one thing I know is, my heart has never left through a lot of circumstances that I’ve been through. Giving an option to me is a beautiful new beginning that I can have. I need a second chance, I have 3 babies of my own, please help me live around them as long as I possibly can, I will show everything I have that’s valued to so many that need to know that staying humble, loyal and happy is the best way to succeed to opportunities like this.

The Consultancy Project module provides the opportunity for students to work as Marketing/PR/Advertising consultants on a ‘live’ company project. The overriding goal is for students to experience real company problems first hand and to work in small groups to attempt to find information and ideas that offer meaningful solutions to the client company.