Finding And Solving Real Estate Problems

Almost any hobby can become a business. How financially successful it becomes will require research before investing and opening front doors to receive customers. For example, fishing may be your hobby. However, if you live in a fishing community where every household supports its family by fishing. Why would you want to sell fish to people who fish for personal meals and occupational income? The business is doomed to fail. Cambridge is the location of Thales e-Security. The site has refreshment facilities and its own kitchen, while there are numerous restaurants and shops nearby. Cambridge University Botanic Garden and the Cambridge Lakes Golf Course are also a stone’s throw away. Thales Cambridge has its own football team and site band and we hold a number of informal social events such as whisky tasting evenings.

The Division of Business and Finance provides stewardship of the University’s human, financial and physical resources which enhances the University’s ability to achieve its mission. This is accomplished by providing fiscal leadership, safeguarding university assets (both financial and physical) and providing a safe, attractive and comfortable physical environment. These services are delivered in a timely and efficient fashion to both internal and external customers.