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This blog aims at equipping individuals with business and finance tools in simplistic terms. It convers both business finance and personal finance. It also looks at the actions that can help you run a business successfully. It has some juicy flavour in it. It also aims at getting individuals closer to Allah (SWT) Enjoy! My significant other and I just took a huge leap of love & faith- moved out of state to start our life together. We have had many blessings along the way…we’re here! We both have jobs, a temporary roof over our heads, and now a very reliable car. 6 months ago we dreamt of where we are now. now that we are here, we look forward to the next few months with excitement and financial uncertainty. I pray for a peaceful mind and patience. We wish good luck and health on all those who have already helped us along the way. Even while I’ve been typing this, I’ve had small blessings happen…special texts! The lord does work in mysterious ways as I’ve been told. Just gotta keep the faith !

ExpenseUVA is just a case in point of how our colleagues from all across UVA support us with their guidance and feedback. As we work to deliver excellent service and improve the processes that affect you, it is great to know we can rely on your partnership.