Green Business With Green Finance

This degree programme brings the study of finance into the highly stimulating context of the beautiful game and wider sport industries. Personal financial consulting is usually a service required by people with significant financial resources and a complex investment portfolio. These services include investment advice, taxation planning, income management, risk assessment and long-term planning. These issues must be actively managed by a professional to obtain maximum benefit with the lowest amount of risk possible.

In some instances, optional Complimentary Curriculum activities provided by UCFB may carry an additional cost for participants (e.g. qualifications with external certification such as FA Coaching Badges or ProZone qualifications). Any additional costs will be provided to students in advance of any such sessions running.

Hi i am from India and working as Civil Engineer. My salary is 4200 as basic salary. If i pay 28% then i will get RM3024 only. Its about my salary is going very less. The tax will be calculated for whole basic salary or after RM3000. Kindly clarify this issue. I joined in april 2017.