If You Get A PhD, Get An Economics PhD

financial planning is the continual process that all business must go through to manage their finances efficiently and achieve their financial goals. Marginal costing: Marginal costing entails the allocation of only variable costs, i.e. direct materials, direct labour and other direct expenses, and variable overheads to the production. It does not take into account the fixed cost of production. This type of costing emphasizes the distinction between fixed and variable costs.

In fairness, we have to judge the usefulness of the economics curriculum on a relative scale. While you might say that micro/macro grad theory are useless, let’s be perfectly honest, much of the engineering curriculum, quite frankly, is rather useless as well. Trust me, I know; I have 3 engineering degrees, all from prestigious engineering schools. Let’s face it, few if any actual real-world engineers actually derive pages after pages of calculus-based equations as part of their normal jobs. But that task comprises the overwhelming aspect of the grading (exams and homework) of most engineering programs. If you can’t perform those derivations, you will flunk out and therefore never be awarded an engineering degree at all, regardless of how skillful of a real-world engineer you might have been.

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