If You Get A PhD, Get An Economics PhD

financial planning is the continual process that all business must go through to manage their finances efficiently and achieve their financial goals. Example of tax reliefs are payment made for EPF and Insurance, amount spent on books and computers (with conditions), deductions for you, your wife and children etc. Example of tax exemption is money that you spent for medical expenses for your parents etc.

If a company is making RM2m-3m profit early in its life with a paid up of less than RM500,000.. why stop them from listing on ACE? These are the very companies you need to encourage and foster. When they can do that with minimal capital, it show their business model is SCALABLE.. which is to say if you provide further capital by allowing them to tap the ACE market, say another RM5m-10m, they have a good chance to churn out 3x, 4x, maybe more profits.

How about xmas decorations? My kids longed to hang lights on the house like our neighbours did but for many years it just wasn’t a priority. We finally bought up some supplies at the boxing day sales such as a new tree, xmas lights, window decorations, and tree ornaments. It didn’t help that year but the next one was very exciting. I also buy bon bons and cards 12 months in advance.