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So business finance means investing borrowing and spending of money with proper manner so for the operation of a business. An original piece of research carried out by a Ph.D. candidate in any area of knowledge. It is presented as a written dissertation that will follow the format and content guidelines set by each individual doctoral program. It will also meet the quality standards required by the program for its defense at the public oral examination.

Then came the retail-bank scandal in late 2016, which smashed the bank’s reputation almost to bits and led to the ouster of its CEO John Stumpf in October. The scandal, as everybody knows, is tied to the bank’s strategy to sell phantom bank accounts and other unnecessary services to thousands of retail customers. The bank paid a government penalty, dismissed lower-level employees involved, and continues to address the fall-out from these disclosures.

A company, much like an individual, utilizes short term capital to pay for items that last a relatively short period of time. An individual uses credit cards or charge accounts for items such as clothing, food etc while a company seeks short term financing for salaries and office expenses. On the other hand, an individual uses long term capital such as a bank loan to pay for home or car, which last a long time. Similarly, a company seeks to pay for new assets that are expected to last for an longer period of time.