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Availability of financing: there are many programs offering access to finance for SMEs, aiming at reducing the barriers to access to finance. Many of such programs are not able to distinguish between the credit constrained business and an opportunistic borrower who may be induced to take on unnecessary debt only because it is available at a favorable rate. Wealth maximization is one of the modern approaches, which involves latest innovations and improvements in the field of the business concern. The term wealth means shareholder wealth or the wealth of the persons those who are involved in the business concern. Wealth maximization is also known as value maximization or net present worth maximization. This objective is a universally accepted concept in the field of business.

Jobs you may be good at include teaching, healing and counselling, which will offer you much success and satisfaction. You are also suited to careers in architecture, agriculture, music, advertising, fashion, or industrial design. Your problem solving and negotiation skills could also be helpful in the fields of politics or law.