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Business graduates are the driving force behind the world’s most recognisable brands and products. Whatever your specialism – entrepreneurship, accounting, management or HR – you’ll leave Solent feeling confident and ready to impress. Having experienced poverty, disease, lack of money, runaway dad, bad politics, slavery, child labour, hunger, loneliness and good health, peace, full stomach, hope, I judge no one. I choose joy in my life and what I do. That is what it is; choice. In Kenya, ‘choices have consequences’ is a phrase most of us relate to. Giving is part of me. I only give what I have. Working hard is a virtue I learned from a tender age. That will be part of me till I cross over, I pray. Business is business to me. Nothing personal. If it’s not working, I admit it then work on it. My motivation is to do a good job. This way, I achieve my goals easily. It gives me fulfillment and joy. God and I have an awesome relationship. I consider that of paramount importance. I enjoy what I have, I work hard to get what I feel I should have, I set my bar high, I am my own competition.

You do always of course have the ability to choose your life path, but Numerology can be a helpful tool in helping to understand our true inner selves, our flaws and attributes, our traits and characteristics, and part of the cycle we are living at that given time, and knowing these things can help us to make more informed and knowledgeable choices in our lives.