This website uses cookies to enhance your user experience, please see how we use cookies for more information. Quadrant House in London is the headquarters of Thales Transportation Services. It is situated close to St Katherine’s Dock and London Bridge, and all the attractions of Central London are right on our doorstep. There is a gym next door and a multitude of shops, pubs and restaurants in the immediate area – not to mention museums, theatres and the Tower of London. We also have our own social committee that organises regular activities from curry nights to beer festival trips for our 360 employees.

Employers should provide employees with a reasonable sense of security, treat employees fairly based on performance and contribution and also treat them with respect. Employers must promote work life balance, this will enhance the general well being of employees, thus, leading to a healthy business environment.

Wonderful lens, Joan! I have been in the same situation for many years. First I was house poor with two children, now I am health poor with one child. Medical bills can cause this kind of poverty as well. Your suggestions are perfect and very timely in our current economic climate. Blessed!