Malaysian Tax Issues For Expatriates And Non

Almost exactly four years ago I published a financial plan template for SaaS startups based on a model that I had created for Zendesk a few years earlier. I received a lot of great feedback on the template and the original post remains one of the most viewed posts on this blog up to this day. At present the existing CBD in downtown Dar es Salaam operates for just eight to ten hours – even though the country’s commercial capital contributes almost 60 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – hence the need to create another vibrant business district to boost the economy.

In high school, the popular kids were the football players, the cheerleaders, the trendsetters and the rebels. In the business world, well, it’s still pretty much the same, only now some of those people are CPA’s. These character stereotypes frequently have the leadership qualities that have always set them apart from the crowd, and they naturally learn to take advantage of those attributes. Prestigious career paths in law, medicine, politics, and finance seem to attract natural-born leaders.