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This website uses cookies to enhance your user experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I had a query regarding the resident/non resident status calculationI was employed on a contract basis from September 13 2015 till September 14 2016. During this period i have been to india only for one week.After the contract ended i came back to india and found another job in Malaysia after two the new company says i will be considered as a non resident since i stayed outside Malaysia for more than 14 this valid considering the fact that i was present more than 182 days for the year 2016.

Substantial gaps remain in our understanding about the climate finance landscape and the interaction of the private and public sectors. The ability of private sectors to leverage on public funds is one dimension of policy effectiveness. What are bank policies that hinder your attempt for green financing? Come learn how banks evaluate your documents and presentations. Learn of shortfalls and merits in getting bankers to understand your business and speak to influence decisions.

Students can examine the role and function of effective crisis communication during times of crisis. Approaches to crisis management are evaluated and applied to a range of organisational case studies. The module also explores the relationship between crisis management and risk management which is seen as an inherent part of all businesses and which is further compounded by the uncertainties with the nature of product and consumer.