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Outstanding papers will be considered by the following ERA-listed peer reviewed international journals: Journal of Business and Policy Research, Global Review of Accounting and Finance, World Journal of Management, Global Economy and Finance Journal and International Review of Business Research Papers. Please send us your full paper in order to provide you feedback about the acceptability of your paper. Accepted papers will be published within 6-9 months by the Zant World Press (see ) subject to the compliance to the editorial comments and payment of paper processing fee. Increased ease of finding employment: When the economy is struggling, it is necessary to have something that sets you apart from the competition. With college degrees being as common as high school diplomas were half a century ago, an MBA can provide something that will catch the eye of a potential employer.

Investment-banking league tables-those lists that report who led banks in deals in a given quarter or year-appear to be a relic from the sporadic soaring periods of deal-making in the 1980’s through mid-2000’s. The lists conjure images of the oldĀ Lucite trophies bankers used to collect on their desks after a deal closed and client companies paid their large fees.