Mathematics, Business And Finance MSci

Project management is an extremely powerful discipline and skill-set that can make significant improvements to a business. It achieves this through creating new products and services, improving how businesses do things and reducing the possible impact of future changes. Everyone can lead effectively, you can always learn to lead. To become an effective leader, you have to study one to understand why they are effective at what they do. The key qualities of an effective leader include having a dream, having the ability to motivate others, exuding integrity, having the ability to deal with challenges and making decisions. To be a successful leader you must set realistic high goals, be a positve thinker and must be willing to learn from others.

In need of a financial miracle. Being threatened with foreclosure unless we pay $2,200 by August 8th, 2016. Unable to do that at this time as work is slow and my paychecks are not near that amount. Please help me pray for Gods favor, & provision as I cannot allow my wife, 5 small children & I to become homeless. Needing a miracle.