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Some of you may have already discovered Eva Cassidy, and would certainly agree with my assessment that whatever she sang, it goes straight for your heartstrings. Many people love Over The Rainbow, its iconic even. There have been so many covers of the song that it would take something very special to be even noticed. The viva is a public event at which the doctoral candidate will present his research for assessment by the dissertation defense committee. The candidate will present his work, followed by a question and answer session led by the dissertation defense committee.

Only buy the necessary stationary, equipment, furniture, softwares necessary for day to day running of the business. Cut down on any other unwanted expenses. Buy energy efficient machines and use energy bulbs so that you can save on energy bills. Use proper insulated doors and windows. Sometimes manufacturers sell refurbished items at a lot lower prices and if they seem to be of good quality, go for them.

You will compare the features of different types of derivative contracts, including forwards, futures, options and swaps. You’ll also assess the functioning of the markets for the different types of derivative contracts, and evaluate the price and value of different types of financial derivatives. Assessment is based on a 3,000-word report.