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The mission of the Business and Finance Division is to support Georgia Southern University’s pursuit of academic distinction in teaching, scholarship, and service in a student-centered environment by providing leadership over the business and financial operations and physical property of the University. The Business and Finance Division supports the strategic themes by creating a safe and functional residential learning environment, providing financial analysis and guidance to the academic, student support, and administrative units and programs, and fostering a workforce committed to the attainment of the University’s mission. The division complies with all federal, state, and institutional regulations and guidelines, and applies nationally recognized standards and best practices. This most often happens with organ transplants and cancer, though any illness or injury that requires expensive life-saving treatment can have the same effect. Before the advent of the ACA, organ transplants were routinely denied by insurance companies, often with the excuse that the surgeries were considered experimental despite having been successfully performed for over fifty years.

Our Accounting and Finance, Banking and Business Finance and Business Finance programmes prepare you for a career in the financial world, with assessments that reflect those used in the profession, and close links with many of the UK professional accounting bodies.

The degree programme integrates the core functions of business management with financial accounting in the context of football and sport organisations and governing bodies. The degree monitors the intense media coverage of contemporary football issues to apply relevant themes to enhance the student learning experience. You will be taught in lectures and participate in seminar debates, with support from UCFB’s virtual learning environment to fully encompass the academic experience. The interconnected facets of football business are applied across a diverse range of assessment strategies to provide you with a contextual insight of how sources of finance affect an organisation’s performance, and how that performance affects an organisation’s bottom line. This degree will prepare you for a career in commercial business and finance, both inside and outside the sector.