Small Business Finance

A business finance source is a way a business can obtain funding, either for start-up or operating expenses. There are many different types of sources, including sales, loans, and investors. Each has different terms, benefits, and disadvantages. Business owners tend to use two or more different sources in order to fund their business. Obtained a BA in English, and studied Economics at University of Oxford for one year. Acted as section chief of Money and Banking in Finance Department of Jinan University for about 3 years. Published many books and articles in Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong and Germany, in which one article on affordable housing was published by two organizations with different political or policy orientations, and one on rent control was read over the radio before the Saskatchewan provincial election.

The fields of accounting, finance & economics have developed considerably in recent years and today’s graduates are expected to have a range of skills that transfer into a business environment. As such our degrees have been designed to equip you with the knowledge you’ll need in any organisation, large or small.

Students have the opportunity to take a year-long work placement (Professional Practice) after the second year. A work placement can allow students to gain valuable experience and apply their learning in practice. Please note that students who choose to undertake a work placement do not pay tuition fees for that year, but are required to cover their travel, accommodation and general living costs.