Small Business Finance

These 10 games and interactive lessons will help your kids and teens learn about money and improve critical skills in financial literacy, a topic most school do not emphasize in the classroom. Managing money – making, saving, investing, spending wisely, and donating it – is a skill you can teach your kids at an early age and encourage through their teen years.. These free websites offer games and role playing lessons to make learning money management easier and fun. In addition to these businesses successes, Heather is also devoted to a number of charitable causes including the Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Disease Foundation, No Barriers, and the Tick Borne Disease Alliance. Her tireless work on behalf of these organizations earned her a number of awards including the Champion Award from the American Liver Foundation.

I remember my aunt usually sent a toy and and clothing. The year my parents must have said they couldn’t do Christmas at all, she sent a whole stack of impractical stuff: games and puzzles and a jewelry box. She also bought bonds for my brother’s and me college education, though she didn’t announce them at Christmas.