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For each of these function cited above, explain how financial markets (or securities market) perform each function. I graduated school in May 2011 with a double major in Math and Econ. I also wrote an economics thesis paper as an undergrad. I have worked as an analyst and a research assistant for corporations over the past two years and working with phd’s at these firms has made me realize how much I miss conducting my own research. I am thinking about applying to grad schools this fall, so if I get in I would start in fall of 2014. My question is, is it too late to pursue a phd now? Would working for three years hurt my chances of getting into a good program? The jobs I have worked have given me great statistical and research skills and these are skills that would def come in handy for a phd.

Once you have qualified for a Certificate of Achievement on every course you will be able to take a final assessment course. Pass the final assessment course to earn 30 UK credits which can count towards The Open University’s BA (Hons) Business┬áManagement.

I agree with you on getting a job, even if you graduate from a low ranking school. I got my PhD in Econmics from a mid to low ranking school in the UK. I did my PhD there because I had a great relationship with my supervisor for 3 years. Soon after my PhD graduation he moved to a top 5 UK Economics department.