Types Of Business Finance

Our three-year Business with Finance BSc(Hons) will enable you to combine business and analytical skills with sound financial knowledge to help inform business strategy. When it comes to finance needed to establish your business there are a number of options available to you. One of these options is grant finance. So what exactly is this grant finance? Grant finance is some of the money that is given to individuals or businesses for a specific project or purpose.

Applicants suspected of providing, or found to have provided, false information will be referred to UCAS if their application was made via UCAS. The same is true for applicants who are suspected of omitting, or found to have omitted, information that they are required to disclose according to UCAS regulations. Applications identified by UCAS’s Similarity Detection software to contain plagiarised material will be considered on an individual basis by Admissions Staff, taking into account the nature, relevance and importance of the plagiarism. The University reserves the right to cancel an application or withdraw any offer made if it is found that an application contains false, plagiarised or misleading information.

The second word that you need to know is equity. Equity finance is money that is invested into your business for a share of your business. You don’t have to pay this money back at any point within your business but it does mean that you lose an aspect of control over your business.