Up Award) BA (Hons) At Northumbria University

We are deeply saddened to report the death of Christopher Kobrak, Wilson/Currie Chair of Canadian Business & Financial History and long-time BHC member; he died this week in Paris. He was on the board of the European Business History Association, and served as a trustee of the Business History Conference, 2007-10. He worked on the BHC Finance Committee, 2010-2013 and was serving on the BHC’s Hagley Prize Committee at the time of his death. He was also vice-chairman of the Canadian Business History Society and active in promoting its growth. Templecombe is located in the beautiful Somerset countryside. The site has almost 700 employees, its own canteen and refreshment facilities, and is close to a gym and a mix of shops. We have our own sports and social club that organises football matches and other informal activities. Charity events are often held to support local schools too.

If your business is not cautious or thrifty with its money, it may waste money on executive perks, wasteful catering, unnecessary conferences or bloated payrolls. This increases its baseline spending and forces difficult cuts later on as well as a faster drain on corporate savings (retained earnings) if income drops. If a business isn’t thrifty, it will burn money at a higher rate and is at greater risk of going into debt for expenditures without any return on the investment.