Up Award) BA (Hons) At Northumbria University

This website uses cookies to enhance your user experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. There are various financial institutions which provide long term finance to the industry and business. For example in India, ICICI, IFCI and IRBI and in Pakistan, PICIC, IDBP,NIT and Insurance Companies are those institutions which provide long term loan.

Picture 1; Foreign exchange. Over the last five years the price of the USD has gone up 200% in terms of Venezuelan Bolivares and over 100% in the case of the Argentine peso. The rest of Latin AMerica has remained very stable. Chile, Peru and Brazil exhibit changes of less than 10%. (Data from ). Stable FX=> stable prices and volumes of international trade. A depreciating peso means cheap (and very good) Argentinean wine for USA but expensive CAT tractors for Argentine farmers.

Since your contract is more than a year, you will be filing your tax return twice, e.g. assessment year 2014 and 2015. Your assessment year 2015 will be calculated based on the resident tax rate and the non-resident flat rate of 25% will no longer be applicable.