Full-year results from business park operator Sirius Real Estate are expected to be in-line with market expectations, thanks to an increase in rental income. As a case in point, I know one guy who works as successful software developer yet who not only doesn’t have a CS degree, but openly admits that he probably could never get one, because he doesn’t think he could pass the required theory courses. Thankfully for him, you don’t need a CS degree to work as a developer.

I chose our regular bank because its online investment brokerage had been rated no.1 for several years and it was a comfortable environment with no one visibly setting up a sting operation. Then we walked over to another bank to do a bit of comparison shopping but ended up sticking with what we knew, if only to placate the coward within him, not me!

Thrifty managers will cultivate internal talent to minimize the cost of hiring and training new people. Internal talent that becomes more skilled is capable of filling many more positions, increasing the work group’s flexibility. And offering training to internal staff is a cost-effective way of improving their loyalty and morale.