With the abundance of people holding undergraduate degrees in business and the fierce competition for jobs, it has become very important for one to separate himself or herself from the rest. One way of achieving this is to add a master’s degree in business to your qualification. This can provide you with highly desirable skills and also show your potential employers that you are highly committed to your career. As for (c), if the bank doesn’t finance the acquisition, the bank minimizes credit and market risks, although it must tend to reputation risk. (Reputation risk might range from the embarrassment of not being to manage an announced deal or┬áthe criticism it might get from arranging an vitriolic, unfriendly takeover.) Because of (c), boutique banks, such as Evercore or Greenhill, can compete head to head with the might of Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan Chase.

Not sure if I understood your question. The tax filing must be done by you and should have been submitted before end April 2016. Did you do this? Was there a monthly tax deduction done of your monthly salary? If you did the tax filing yourself, you should know how much tax to pay for 2016.

Recovery rate risk is an often neglected aspect of a credit-risk analysis. The recovery rate is normally needed to be evaluated. For e.g. the expected recovery rate of the funds tendered (given) as a loan to the customers by banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFC), etc.